So Space Dandy comes on which I don’t really watch but the theme song comes on and I’m like why does this sound familiar. I think it was one of the Karaoke places in Kyoto we went too and one of my friends put it on and it reminded me of another song they played and all I could remember was “PONPON!” After a quick search I found the video and it brought me back, it’s just as bizarre as when I first saw it, now imagine like 10 Japanese girls slightly drunk singing along to it, yea fun times haha


I don’t understand how people like to lie down and do things it is uncomfortable as fuck. Like my bed is cool I get in position and sleep like a baby at night but I can’t do anything else on here. I don’t eat on my bed cause that’s gross (aka I always spill shit) and like I try to watch TV, play video games or use my laptop at night I can never find the right spot. Maybe I’ll find a spot for a few minutes but then it gets uncomfortable. I prefer to sit up and do those kind of things, chair and a desk and I am gucci, my bed is just for sleeping.


So the first time I heard the song I was actually in Japan and I kept seeing the article about the dad response to this in my newsfeed. So I was curious listened to the song so the Dads rendition would make sense and it was pretty funny. Actually had a moment while I was over there and I think we were just walking around then Wendy and I (PSH Gang) just started singing the song, fun times. But I digress, so I like the song it’s catchy, but what bothers me is his fake accent it’s like half the time he’s going for it the other time he’s not. Like brah if you going to do go hard or go home, don’t break character man.


Funko POP Hannibal figures

Some available now, other for preorder. 

Funko POP TV: Hannibal - Hannibal Lecter Figure

Funko POP TV: Hannibal - Wendigo

Funko POP TV: Hannibal - Will Graham

Funko POP TV: Hannibal - Will Graham Straitjacket Figure

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Funko POP Movies: Hannibal Vinyl Figure

SDCC 2014 Funko Pop Exclusive Hannibal Lecter (Blood Splattered)

Definitely gotta get one of these, I know someone who’d love it; they even have some for Supernatural.

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I remember watching and seeing the hurt in Hannibal’s face, I felt for him haha

I remember watching and seeing the hurt in Hannibal’s face, I felt for him haha