It’s crunch time!

Picture painted

Being right is cool but in the end it does not matter, yea so what I put it together, I think the best piece of advice I’ve gotten in a while was from that random lady at Blockheads and it went to the tune of (as far as I remember) know what you want and don’t waste other people’s time. So maybe there’s something to look forward to returning to NY or maybe not *shrugs* who knows..

Do I really have to go back? Minus the whole language barrier thing I can get used to a life out here, it’s been pretty dope. I was tired of New York before coming, going back I’m only going to be even more fed up.

  • I've been tired as hell all day long now it's 2 in the morning and I can't sleep. Aside from the fact that my roommate is snoring loud as fuck, my mind is just racing. This shit just randomly hits me at the weirdest times, what to do, what to do....

Painting a picture

Someone ever say something and you just get a feeling that there’s more to it or it’s something you want to know but you don’t want to ask? So you focus in on the subject ask a couple casual questions not cause you care about the topic per say (or at least I don’t) but to get a feel for what you want to know. Then you see something that confirms it and those dots you connected solidify that picture in your head whether it’s true or false; for better or for worse, etcetera, etcetera. Guess a picture really is worth a thousand words, c’est la vie …. 


  • Finally took my first dump abroad - feeling relieved lmaooo

We’re usually looking up at the clouds, but the view from above them is breathtaking.

Happy Birthday America!

Home of the free land of the slaves! Wait did I miss something?

Le sigh

Why is it that I can never leave a job on good terms I had two more shifts left just TWO. Already put in my two weeks notice and everything but then they fire me I thought this would be the first job I actually leave on good terms but nope guess not. That’s what bothers me more than actually getting fired mer oh well *Le sigh*